Travel and bond with beautiful strangers.

Because deal with it: you never end up doing any of the fun trips you plan with your friends.

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  • Anuved

    What an amazing experience!! Besides organizing everything so smoothly they were also so fun to hang out with. The 9 of us started as strangers, but by the end of the trip, I was happy to call them all friends. I can 100% guarantee that I'll be doing this again. Thanks again Clara and Amaury for making it all happen!!

  • Suemy

    I had an amazing time on the trip organized per Clara and Amaury. They went really above and beyond to help accommodate lots of issues I had to make it to the trip and I could truly just enjoy it without having to worry about much. I definitely recommend traveling with these two!!

  • Connor

    Meeting like minded people in the most beautiful of places, everything from the hostel selection and hostel staff, to the adventures with new friends to local markets, beautiful surf spots and sunset look out points 😍

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summer camp effect

When you meet a group of strangers and in a few days* you bond and become really close friends.

*this can be reduced to only a few hours if the group is surfing glassy waves and sipping piña coladas in paradise

And this is how traveling with strangers looks like... scary, huh?